Random Acts of Twitter Drama

With October right around the corner, I can already feel the cravings for horror movies and pumpkin beer starting to settle in.  To be honest, I’ve struggled with writing anything new just because I’m so caught up trying to figure out what I should watch next.  A couple higher-profile horror films were able to catchContinue reading “Random Acts of Twitter Drama”

Cobra Kai is a Perfect Continuation of the Karate Kid Franchise

In 1984, a gawky teenager named Daniel LaRusso won the All Valley Karate Tournament, defeating his high school bully Johnny Lawrence and etching the crane kick into the popular consciousness forevermore.  Johnny, representing the merciless Cobra Kai dojo, graciously handed Daniel the championship trophy, but was shamed by his abusive Cobra Kai sensei for leavingContinue reading “Cobra Kai is a Perfect Continuation of the Karate Kid Franchise”