The Rental: Dave Franco’s First Directorial Jump Into Horror

With cinemas around the world struggling to keep the doors open all eyes have turned to drive-in theaters and video-on-demand releases.  As we all know, drive-in theaters have always been the ideal backdrop for awkward first dates, sharing mustard with strangers, and horror movies.  Thanks to recent progress in the VOD world more people areContinue reading “The Rental: Dave Franco’s First Directorial Jump Into Horror”

Reviews, Rants, and Ramblings by Two Film-Obsessed Friends. Movie Reviews Presumed Innocent, 30 Years Later:  Revisiting A Forgotten Harrison Ford Classic July 27, 2020 Thirty years ago, there was perhaps no bigger movie star in the world than Harrison Ford. Catapulted to fame and fortune by the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, Ford spentContinue reading