The Only Correct Way To Kick-Off October

I always get extremely disappointed when I hear a friend say that they love every type of movie except for horror.  I understand why the genre may not appeal to a large mass of people but I also believe that many people write-off horror before doing enough exploration to fully understand what they do/don’t enjoyContinue reading “The Only Correct Way To Kick-Off October”

Random Acts of Twitter Drama

With October right around the corner, I can already feel the cravings for horror movies and pumpkin beer starting to settle in.  To be honest, I’ve struggled with writing anything new just because I’m so caught up trying to figure out what I should watch next.  A couple higher-profile horror films were able to catchContinue reading “Random Acts of Twitter Drama”

An American Pickle: HBO Max’s First Entry Into The Streaming Wars

An American Pickle HBO Max has officially entered the world of original content with the new Seth Rogan film An American Pickle.  HBO will always have a warm spot in my heart because it has always had original programming that seems to hit at just the right time in my life.  I loved watching TheContinue reading “An American Pickle: HBO Max’s First Entry Into The Streaming Wars”

Is Host The Next Step In Modern Horror?

Over the past couple of months I must have scrolled right past 50 different posts about the new Rob Savage film Host.  In case you haven’t heard about it, the entire film was created during the 2020 quarantine.  This left each actor entirely responsible for their own lighting, practical effects, make-up, and filming.  I assumedContinue reading “Is Host The Next Step In Modern Horror?”

The Rental: Dave Franco’s First Directorial Jump Into Horror

With cinemas around the world struggling to keep the doors open all eyes have turned to drive-in theaters and video-on-demand releases.  As we all know, drive-in theaters have always been the ideal backdrop for awkward first dates, sharing mustard with strangers, and horror movies.  Thanks to recent progress in the VOD world more people areContinue reading “The Rental: Dave Franco’s First Directorial Jump Into Horror”