The Only Correct Way To Kick-Off October

I always get extremely disappointed when I hear a friend say that they love every type of movie except for horror.  I understand why the genre may not appeal to a large mass of people but I also believe that many people write-off horror before doing enough exploration to fully understand what they do/don’t enjoy about the genre.  At the beginning of every October I always try to introduce a few friends to horror and I always start with something that I think will help invite them deeper into the genre.

My all-time favorite movie to excite people about horror is Cabin in the Woods.  I will never forget walking into Cabin in the Woods expecting a straight forward horror movie but leaving the theater laughing out loud and the rollercoaster that I had just been on.  Our goal for The Reel Deal this month is to introduce people to movies that we believe may inspire new excitement and deeper exploration into the genre.  For me, Cabin in the Woods is the perfect tip of the iceberg.

Throughout the film you will both laugh and yell.  You will also see a cast of monsters that typically could not stand together in any other situation and that is why I believe this is the perfect way to start off the month.  You can get the month started on a light and funny note but also see enough monsters and images to get your brain turning and wondering what it wants to look for next.  

Get some popcorn and pumpkin beer out tonight and watch Cabin in the Woods on Hulu.

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